Copy Paste Pips Review-Download The $ 4,983 Per Day Mega Trend System FREE!


Do forex robots work? No! This is the advice of Robert Colmer, a pro forex trader for the last 12 years. He says forget about forex robots or anything called an expert advisor. He has been trading forex for the last many years making seven figures per years. He is very clear that forex robots never work.

To prove his point, he is giving away his personal Mega Trend System FREE that makes $ 4,983 per day. This Mega Trend System uses the bollinger bands and the Heiken Ashi Indicator. He is also giving away a FREE trading report that shows the Heiken Ashi Trading Technique plus his Stochastics Divergence Trading System.

Whatever, the Mega Trend System and the Trading Report by Robert Colmer is worth hundreds of dollars that he is giving away FREE just to prove the point that forex is not a scam. It works and there are traders who make seven figures trading forex every year.

Why Forex Robots don't work? Because, most of them are programmed and curve fitted to trade only one type of market. Forex market keeps on changing as the underlying fundamentals that drive that market change constantly. This makes these forex robots out of date with the market. Once, the market changes, these forex robots stop working. So, what's the solution when it comes to forex trading? Trained human eye of a professional trader.

There is no substitute to the trained human eye of a professional trader who can immediately judge that the market has changed unlike a robot that has no way to understand that the market has changed. It is just a software that will keep on doing what it has been programmed to do. But when a trained human eye of a professional trader looks at the charts, he will immediately change his strategies and systems to take into account the new market realities.

Copy Paste Pips is going to allow you to copy and paste the live trades of Robert Colmer on your own account and make as much as he makes or lose as much as he loses. It is as simple as that. Robert Colmer is giving 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee on his Copy Paste Pips Software. You can try it RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account and see if the claims made by Robert Colmer are true or not. If not, simply go for a refund! But you don't have to purchase anything to download his $ 4,983 per day Mega Trend System and his Trading Report. They are FREE!

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