Fap Turbo – Forex Megadroid Vs Fap Turbo in Battle of the Droids


Forex Megadroid and Fab Turbo are among the Top Rated trading softwares today. All foreign trading market droids are automated, user friendly, and has the capabilities to trade 24 hours a day but only these two offer other services worth noting. Amongst other things, this article hopes to guide both the novice and veteran trader to determine which between the two automated currency trading droids would fit his needs.

The Forex Megadroid is a result of the combined efforts of two veterans of the forex market. Their 38 year work experience led to the creation of a droid. This was thoroughly tested before releasing it to the public in March 28, 2009. Forex Megadroid was designed with artificial intelligence, knowing the Reverse Correlated Price and Time Analysis (RCPTA). This software predicts the future movement of the market at an accuracy of 95.82%, 2-4 hours ahead of time. Within the same period of time, it produces a report on subject loss and profit areas. In the fast paced environment of trading that information combined with the 2-4 hour ahead of time prediction is a great advantage.

Forex Megadroid is easy to use. No experience required. In 5 minutes the download and installation is over. One can immediately start trading. This droid will start trading with only a dollar. Therefore, Forex Megadroid can service even those starting out is with a small investment.

Fap Turbo offers real time trading outcomes with a distinctive algorithm method. This method checks for losses and maximizes profits. Nine year of public use, verifies its acceptance as an automated and user friendly droid at a 95% accuracy result. It is fully automated and can stand alone. Requiring little supervision it can trade on its own. But records may be affected in cases of power failures so a host server is recommended.

Fap Turbo requires a fifty dollar start-up trading amount. Fap Turbo is not as easy to use as the Megadroid. But to help the trader, Fap turbo has an online and telephone help center. Still, with the larger start-up trading amount, it would be a greater advantage if the trader has some experience.

In the battle of droids, you are now armed with this knowledge and you can now decide which droid, Forex Megadroid or Fab, should be your allay as you enter and try to come out victorious in the jungles of the forex trading market.

Source by Milton J. Brats

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