Forex Blueprint Review – Is This Another Currency Trading System Scam?


Are you looking for a review of the Forex Blueprint, and want to know whether it really works or not? This system is basically a mechanical, step-by-step short term currency trading system that works on the principles of short term price movements of currencies. I seriously had my doubts about this system at first, so I tested it on a demo account first.

1. Can Someone With No Currency Trading Experience Use Forex Blueprint?

Luckily, this system provides a good introduction about the Forex markets for any beginners who have had no prior experience. Another good thing is that it is completely mechanical and does not involve any decision making on the user's part. This eliminates the emotional element of trading, which is great for reducing the number of bad trades made due to emotions like fear and greed.

2. Review of the Forex Blueprint System?

After reading and applying this system over and over again, I would say that it is relatively easy to use compared to many other trading systems that I have tried before, and has certainly delivered a healthy amount of profit after one month of testing. It works on many currency pairs at the specified time frames stated in the Forex Blueprint manual. You will learn how to look at prices and use the right indicators, and this information has helped me trade in the right direction for over 90% of my trades.

3. Why Use The Forex Blueprint System When You Can Trade By Yourself?

Simply speaking, if you were to trade without using a system, you would still have a 50% chance of making money, provided you set the same take-profit and stop-loss targets (this does not include spread and commission). However, I am sure that you do not want to rely on luck. With Forex Blueprint, I can now make an intelligent assessment of the current supply and demand conditions in many currency pairs, which has significantly increased my chances of making profitable trades.

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