Forex Trading – Why a Complicated Mathematical Formula is Not the Way to Succeed


You see a lot of Forex trading systems online that claim that there complicated mathematical formulas can beat the market but this is not true for one simple reason.

Fact – Forex markets do not move to a mathematical theory which you can predict forex price movement with and the rest of this article will explain why, give the proof and show you a better way to win with your forex trading strategy.

You will hear a lot of traders telling you maths works and that gurus theories such as Gann, Elliot and Fibonacci are scientific and mathematical ways of doing trading but the definition of a mathematical theory is:

It works ALL the time not now and again!

The theories just mentioned don't and neither do any other mathematical theories – its rubbish to say forex markets move to mathematics.

You often see systems sold that say they work to complex mathematical algorithms or were devised by a wiz kid – but look at the track record and what do you see?

A made up track record in hindsight, using closing data and knowing everything that happened! Well that's not hard to do, anyone can make a profit if they know tomorrows price today but that's not real life. Real life is – trading without knowing the price.

The track records are simply bent to show a profit, on the data segment studied and the more it's bent, the more unlikely it is to work in real time, as no two segments of data ever repeat exactly.

If You Want to Win at Forex Remember this:

The markets don't move to some mystical law that repeats exactly – but they do move on probability and by trading high odds set ups, you may not win every time but you will win more than you lose and with sound money management you can win long term.

The key is to use a simple odds based method, as simple systems always work best, as they have fewer elements to break in the brutal world that is forex trading.

Think About this key Point

In 100 years despite all the advances in computers, forecasting and speed of communications, we have seen no increase in the number of winning traders and this goes to show that complicated mathematics and fancy theories do not increase the odds of success.

A Simple Way to Succeed

Success in forex trading is dependent on a simple robust forex trading system, combined with discipline and sound money management; this has always been so and always will be.

Source by Sonia Kristina

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