Forex Trading With a Robot – I Was Making Money in Minutes With Forex Funnel


I was a skeptical as the rest of you when I first heard about Forex and Forex Robots. Yeah right, you just deposit some money in your trading account, load up the Robot and then sit back and let it do the work for you!

Sounds easy and too good to be true, doesn't it?

Well I am living proof that anyone can set up a Forex Robot and make real money within minutes of downloading it. I am a Project Manager in Construction and I take home a SIX figure salary from my day job. I have invested my saving in Stocks and Shares in the past with mixed success and I also invest in real estate.

I like the idea of ​​Forex Trading as an alternative way of investing for several reasons:

No Commission – I am sick of having to make 10% on shares just to pay the broker, Forex brokers make money from the spread not per trade. This also means you can make more trades for smaller gains, they all add up.

Buy and Sell – instead of just making money as a stock increases, with Forex you can make profits as the values ​​go up or down because the currency is traded in pairs.

Autopilot – I can leave it to work on my behalf while I work, sleep and even go on holiday.

Worldwide 24hr Market – There are no closing bells in Forex, I can trade (or should I say the Forex Robot can trade) all day and all night making more profit

Leverage – The brokers will allow you to trade with up to 100X your investment, this means you can take advantage of very small changes in the price.

I also like the fact that you can set up a Demo Account which allows you to trial the system and the Forex Robots without risking real money. When you are more comfortable with how it all works you can put your own money on the line and begin making real profits.

I read some good things about Forex Funnel and liked that it trades on the USD / JPY pair and not the USD / EUR of USD / GBP pairs which the majority of Forex Robots trade on. I took advantage of the special offer (at the time of writing this 50% off) and the free $ 100 credit into your trading account making it almost a free purchase!

It really was so easy to set up, even the most technically challenged amongst us will be able to do it. The creators of the software have a very responsive help desk if you need assistance.

You literally download the package, add the specific files to the MT4 Metatrading Software Root Files, Drag and Drop the Funnel Expert Advisor into the USD / JPY Graph, complete the configuration and let it run.

I set up an account with Alpari and deposited $ 6000. Within minutes the Funnel EA had begun trading as the USD grew stronger and I could see the real time profit indicator. I was in profit literally in minutes!

The next day I woke up and turned the computer on to find that while I was sleeping the Funnel had closed the trade making me a profit, as small profit of $ 30 but profit none the less. I also noted that it had made another trade, this time it wasn't in profit but the Funnel had realized this and bought in the opposite direction meaning that any future slide would be cancelled out by the second trade. This seemed strange to me, but a few days later they had both been closed out with a profit! This is great.

In less than a week I had made $ 100 profit on my initial investment. This doesn't seem a lot at first glance, certainly not the sort of figures being claimed by Forex Funnel or other Robots, but if you multiply that $ 100 by 52 weeks of the year it would give a return of $ 5200 on the initial investment of $ 6000. That is a great return by anyones standards.

I am looking forward to seeing how this is going to develop, I am not stupid, I know that the market can bomb, but what I have seen so far the Funnel is clever enough to minimise any impact.

Source by James Zilz

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