FxDialogue's Enhancement With Mexcel Trader


Mexcel trading platform has been known to be an efficient worker because of its distinct features that enhances the Metatrader 4 into a much more comprehensive program. All this has been a result of the FxDialogues' innovations and improvements in trying to make its customers comfortable and satisfied. The improvements have made the usage of metatrader 4 easy in compatibility with excel, with a promise of reliability and sustainability. The Mexcel trading platform is expansively better than the original Meta trader 4, in the way it operates.

Through this platform there is an easy access to the Meta trader 4 historical values ​​and prices. This is a very important feature of this platform, in view of the fact, that a trader, more often that not, is made promptly aware of the existing prices, as well as values ​​which play a major role in the trading process. The feature makes it easy to access the information on whether the prices are high or low at any point in time, should a person wish to make any references. The availability of such a feature has made the FxDialogue, a firm that can be relied upon because of its regular updates that are customer friendly.

While using this platform, there is also an assurance of having real time Meta trader 4 prices and even their technical indicators displayed on the excel sheet. It is a factor that is known to enable the trader in making proper comparison of prices before setting out to trade. As a strong feature, it has allowed the traders to be able to work efficiently on only a single worksheet as all the information required that is detrimental for a conclusive decision, is readily available. The indicator values ​​and prices are more often than not, updated depending on the market rates at that moment. The updates are done real time on the excel sheet which updates the trader accordingly. They basically include a lot of factors amongst them, being the moving averages at the said moment.

The ability to use simple functions to execute and place orders in Meta trader 4 from excel is another feature that is absolutely outstanding in the Mexcel trader. Basically, a person does not need to be very compliant with what is being changed. One needs to have the simple excel knowledge and all these functions can be easily used. Several functions can be performed using this platform. For instance, it easily provides the user with functions that make it possible to accept all types of market orders and conditions that most of the time results in the price movements and indicators.

Additionally, the functions provide the introduction to new excel that always helps the user to open and manage positions depending on whatever criteria they choose to use. These functions as simple as they may be known to be very important to the trader and thus make the Mexcel trader the best platform for every intending trader.

FxDialogue in its improvement has also ensured that the Mexcel trader has an ability to provide streaming accounts to its users from the Meta trader to the excel sheet. The data that is made available is that one which is related to either the closed or open positions. There also can be data that's related to pending orders and account balances. All this information can be made available simultaneously on the excel sheet.

These special features have therefore made trading using FxDialogue's Mexcel trader very convenient by doing away with the conventional cumbersome procedures.

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