Is Gold the Elixir of Youth?

Getting the elixir of life has been the purpose of all attempts made by the alchemists. It was said to maintain life and youth and who would not want to get the formula of eternal youth and beauty?

Alchemists from China and India claimed to have known the secret of such a long desired wonder and the ancient world abounds in legends of different characters who drank the “white drops” which proved to be liquid gold. It was similar to a kind of tincture prepared by the alchemists who considered that gold stimulates vitality and strength in life.

The first prescription with colloidal gold had been ready during Moses`s time and at the beginning it was supposed to cure restlessness. The Egyptians have always used liquid gold to reestablish the perfect health and endless youth. Nowadays this idea is still asserted by chrysotherapy, a gold therapy used to purify body, mind and spirit.

In China, other legends supported the same ideas. The fact that gold does not tarnish led to the conception that in a mixture with mercury, sulfur and arsenic, gold prolongs life. Even though such a mixture proved poisonous, and many people died because of it, the belief in the curative powers of gold has not disappeared. These recipes probably reached India and Middle East and later on got to Europe. The famous legend of The Compte de St. Germain who was said to have lived hundreds of years is based on the characteristics of gold as well.

Recent research confirmed that people in the past indulged large quantities of liquid gold. The famous and extremely beautiful Diane de Poitiers, the king official mistress knew that her only chance to benefit from the attention of the king was to remain young and beautiful. For this, she used to drink gold, fact which can be proved as her body was dug out and her bones as well as her hair contained a large quantity of gold. Indeed, the extremely large amount of gold indulged gave her anemia, making her look extremely pale which was the fashion of the time, but it was killed her. In her case, this was the price for eternal beauty and youth, as she died young.

All in all, the alchemists haven’t succeeded in discovering the precise recipe of eternal youth but something must be true. If gold does not offer eternal life, buying gold bullion will certainly offer you a life without any financial worries.

Source by Jack Wogan

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