My Personal Review Of The Dewalt DCD970KL Cordless Drill Kit


Recently my father-in-law's cordless drill stopped working and he asked me to help choose a new one. I thought that was rather odd as I'm only his helper when he remodels houses. I mean, I never really paid a lot of attention to cordless drills even though I used them quite a bit while working with him. To me, a drill was just that … a drill. Nothing special … or so I thought. Regardless, I decided to do some research to help him with making the right choice.

There's so much to cordless drills than I imagined and as I result, I've decided to put together a short list of why he should purchase the Dewalt DCD970KL 18-Volt XRP Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Hammerdrill / Drill / Driver Kit .

Drill Must-haves

  • # of volts
  • Type and life of battery
  • Ergonomics and weight
  • Speed (more specifically, the transmission speed)
  • The motor

Number of Volts

Choosing a drill with the right number of volts is important. The higher number of volts, the faster the motor spins which translates to MORE POWER !!!! The Dewalt DC970KL is 18v (volts) which make it very powerful, yet lightweight at 5 ¼ pounds so your arm won't be worn out at the end of the day.

Ah c'mon … dead already?

The Dewalt DCD970KL utilizes a nano-phosphate formula lithium-ion durable batteries. Compared to the outdated NiCad battery, the … lithium-ion battery can be recharged up to 2000 times and give the Dewalt drill more than 40 percent run time.

The Bigger The Chuck, The Better …

Along with a new ergonomic grip and 360-degree side handle, the Dewalt DCD970KL has a ½ self-tightening keyless chuck that enables a sure grip throughout the operation of the drill – this ensures you stay on point and cuts down dramatically on slippage that leads to poor jobs.

Triple Speed Ranges

Bye, bye dual-speed ranges … let's welcome this 3-speed powerhouse. For fast application speed and improved run time, Dewalt equipped this drill with a 3-speed, all-metal transmission that helps in making precise hole placement and it gets through the material (wood, concrete, etc.) with ease and speed. You control the speed ranges, adjusting as the need requires.

More Power, baby …

This lightweight, compact drill packs a serious punch. Its high efficiency motor delivers 450 unit watts out of maximum power for superior performance in all drilling and fastening applications. This is perfect for fastening a light fixture to a concrete wall.

The Cost?

The DEWALT DCD970KL 18-Volt XRP Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Hammerdrill / Drill / Driver Kit is available for under $ 300. You certainly should not be paying more than $ 300 for this drill.

What Does It Come With?

  • 1 hour charger
  • (2) 18V XRP ™ Li-Ion batteries
  • 360 ° side handle (anti-slip grip)
  • Kit Box

What About The Warranty?

As expected, Dewalt provides the following outstanding warranty package:

  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Free Service Contract
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

Source by David Jamal Gibson

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