What is the RCTPA Forex Trading Method That Forex MegaDroid Uses?


If you’re involved in Forex trading or thinking about it you may have heard about the Forex MegaDroid robot and the method it uses to generate such high profits over 8 years worth of data. I’m talking about RCTPA which stand for Reverse Correlated Time and Price analysis.

What is RCTPA and why should you, as a Forex trader, care?

RCTPA is the brainchild of Albert Perrie and John Grace, the creators of Forex MegaDroid. These 2 veteran traders with over 38 years of Forex experience betweent them developed RCTPA as a means to generate immense profits in any market condition.

The key here is that with RCTPA, you’re able to use time matrix and price quotes data and changes to generate a short time market forecast. This is a forecast of how the market will behave in the next 2-4 hours. More than that becomes unpredictable as the market can fluctuate increasingly fast and so past data becomes obsolete.

This is a powerful concept simply because it allows you to adapt your trading decisions to how the market is behaving not as a reaction, but as a high accuracy prediction mechanism.

John Grace and Albert Perrie, upon testing the RCTPA development and seeing that it worked for them exceedingly well when they traded manually, decided to take it one step further and to automate the process.

So was Forex MegaDroid born. By incorporating the RCTPA method into the software, which took some doing, this artificial intelligence trading robot came to be and is already being used by thousands of traders around the world.

The main advantage that Forex MegaDroid holds over other robots is that it works with the market and changes its trading method accordingly. Unlike other robots, it doesn’t just trade statically, but actually “thinks” for itself and uses the time matrix and price data to predict, automatically, which way the market will go and trade accordingly.

The reason why RCTPA may be important to use is that it has been shown to generate a tremendous profit stream, and with Forex MegaDroid, this can be done automatically.

Source by Mike Easton

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